Talladega Nights: The Legend Of Ricky Bobby

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Take Four Film: Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby a) Ricky Bobby becomes a NASCAR driver when he was working on the pit crew and the driver decided to stop in the middle of the race to eat. Ricky instinctively jumps in the car and finishes the race in third. Quickly, he becomes one of the top drivers and convinces the owner to buy a second car for his childhood friend, Cal Naughton, Jr. Together they use the “slingshot” move, helping Ricky win nearly every race, while Cal finishes in second. Ricky’s moto of, “If you aren’t first, you’re last”, gives him the inspiration and motivation to win at all costs. The cocky Ricky Bobby challenges Jean Girard, a French Formula One driver, who ends up beating him and takes his spot as the top…show more content…
Gigi, Janine, and Beth all work together and the movie centers on their lives. Gigi is a single woman who wants to meet a man, but has difficulties reading if they are actually interested in her. Janine has been married since college, but only because she forced her now husband to choose between getting married and breaking up. Beth has been living with her boyfriend for seven years and wants to get married, but he is content with their relationship and does not want to complicate things with marriage. Gigi meets another guy, but again, he is not interested in her. Instead he calls Anna, who turns him down because she met Janine’s husband and has a crush on him. Gigi, still desperately trying to find a man, attempts to stalk Connor on the internet, the guy she had met and turned her down. Ultimately, Gigi’s friend tells her that if a man wants to go out with a girl, he will be clear about it and she should not make excuses for why he hasn’t called. Gigi accepts this and she tells Janine and Beth about her new outlook on dating. This causes Beth to accept reality and ask her boyfriend if they will ever get married. When he cannot give her an answer, they break up and he moves out. When Janine finds an ashtray and assumes her husband has been smoking, she yells at him, but he lies and says it is not his, forcing him to see their relationship in a new light. He decides to sleep with the woman he had met earlier, Anna. When Beth is in one of her sister’s weddings, she gets escorted down the aisle with the dog, since she and her boyfriend recently broke up. During the ceremony, her dad has a heart attack, and they all go to take care of him leaving her to clean up. While everyone decides not to help her, the one that is there helping is her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Janine finds out her husband lied to her about smoking, and he tells her that he cheated on

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