Call Of The Wild

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I thought Call Of The Wild was a great because I liked reading how Buck and all the other became great sled dogs and also how they overcame their disadvantages. I also liked reading and learning how buck and the over dogs survived in the harsh winter. Also i thought it was cool how buck had to show dominance to become pack leader. And i thought it was cool how Buck got into a fight with Spitz, also how the other dogs got into fights. i just thought Call Of The Wild was a great book in all to learn about alaska and sled dog racing. But in Call Of the Wild i did not like how Buck and the other dogs were beaten. I think Call Of The Wild could have been way better if some of the chapters weren't as long and wasn't as hard to read. I also didn't…show more content…
In Call Of The Wild it took time of the gold rush and the harsh winters of alaska. The conflict of the story was that buck was learning how to survive in Alaska with all of the of the other dogs and cold winters. In all I think Buck overcame a lot of hardships and became the best sled dog he could become. I think if the story would have went on i think buck could have been one of the best sled dogs ever. I think if Buck would not have been in the story the story would not had been as good as it was. The setting really affects the story because buck has to figure out how to survive in the cold. Say if the story was was in the desert it would have been a whole lot different because buck would had to of adjusted to a hotter climate. And if it would not have took place during the gold rush the buck would not had to be a sled dog. And say if buck was with a different group of sled dogs he might not had became lead dog. The setting affected it the most because if it wasn't so snowy and cold buck would not have got took from Judge Miller. Also Buck would not of had to become a sled dog and now live in Alaska. The plot of Call of The Wild was that sometimes you learn how to adjust to your new surroundings. I think Charlie was used only in the movie and not the book because it didn't explain how John Thornton was trying to find gold in the gold rush. In all i think Call Of the Wild was a great book to

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