Unemployment In Canada

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For years towns and cities have had that side of the tracks, the bad neighborhood that appears to breed criminals and mental health issues. In Western Canada we had the highest rates of violent and house hold crime compared to the rest of the country (Perreault, 2009). Crime and mental health populace usually gravitate or are herded to certain parts of the city. They are going to have different Socio cultural forces and even biological forces adversely forced upon them because of the neighborhood they live in. Common knowledge is of people rising out of bad neighbor hoods and they are hailed for it. What about the others? What affects are a simple postal code having on increased mental health and criminality in poor neighborhoods? In 2009…show more content…
With unemployment comes the crime and inability to attain a fulfilling quality of life. In Canadas largest cities is was found in low income enclaves unemployment rates were above national averages. These discrepancy’s rose in low income neighborhoods populated by minorities. (Duffy, 13 Sept 2003). Canada’s relocation of migrants to this country is having a negative effect on the problem. Social scientist predicted that once these migrants became adjusted culturally they would leave the low income neighborhood with all its inherent problems for wealthier destinations. This has not happened. Visible minorities regardless of time in Canada have been increasingly staying in these enclaves and still experiencing the consequences of living in a poor neighborhood. Nearly 40 per cent of Chinese population in Toronto and Montreal still and continue to live in ethnic enclaves, not culturally integrating into Canadian culture and moving away from their own. (Duffy, 13 Sept 2003). I can understand why they want to stay together. It is a constant flow of new Canadians coming from sometimes hostile environments. They are experiencing a totally new culture in a new country. It is to be expected that people in that situation would hold on to something familiar. Plus the up side of a close knit community and family during a transition is very important. They can provide stability and help in adapting to Canada. There needs to be a change in housing policy to take away these sociological forces that adversely affecting low income

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