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Bronfenbrenner’s theory places great emphases on a child’s surrounding environment and relationships framework, the interactions formulated contribute and influence a child’s growth and development. The four systems, micro, meso, exo, and macro-systems by Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model displays the networks embedded by an individual. Another important model persuaded by Bronfenbrenner is the ecomap. The ecomap is another application used to reveal a person’s relationships and whether it presents a strong, deficient and/or stressful connection, between person and institution. Drawing out my personal past and present ecological model, as well as an ecomap, I will be analyzing the important environmental relationships and influences I had…show more content…
Entering the United States at the age of four without proper documentation limited my family significantly. Our support system purely came from our extended relatives, my uncle and his family. Language was ultimately our biggest barrier that separated us from our community, which included church, neighborhood, school and the ability to make friends. In our effort to construct a connection with each institution in my microsystem, my family and I had to adapt with our new environment, by slightly bending our norms of living. My parent’s limited knowledge of the language meant that my parents had to work labor-intensive jobs, with low paying wages. During their absence, my uncle and his wife babysat me, and at times so did my eight-year-old brother when he was out of school. Due to the lack of supervision, I developed anemia and was malnourished. Consequently that led to frequent visits to my doctor and specialist. My connection with the school system included another set of challenges for me. The elementary school I attended had no special class accommodations for students who spoke another language. Therefore, I was in an environment where I was unable to communicate or understand my teachers and peers. Much like the community that surrounded us, the school had limited resources for…show more content…
Immigration laws have made it more accessible to those that qualify to attain residency, workforce have created more employment opportunities, banks extending or modifying interest, and healthcare programs have passed the Affordable Care Act that allows coverage for dependents. All these networks and their structures have played a vital role in my development, creating resources and making them available for students like myself. My environment understands that attending school is not always affordable, thus compensating through other affordable resources that help me manage my academic path and overall

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