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Kendall Jenner is not just one of the Kardashians, she is not known for just being famous and in the tabloids. She is a high fashion model who has a social image that is very prominent among the young adults on social media and high fashion companies that have employed her. She has over a thousand pictures and ads that show the dedication but the real question is what is she trying to show the world through these pictures? From analyzing her twitter I have found that she is trying to stand out and make her mark on the world through fashion. Unlike the rest of her family, Kendall Jenner is working to improve her social status and show she is committed to earning her modeling career instead of this career being handed to her. Just because she…show more content…
This not only benefits her self but the numerous companies she is employed by. Almost every photo she puts up on twitter or retweets promotes Kendall in a positive light. This helps show the world how serious she is about modeling, that although it is just twitter she takes her image very seriously. For example she promotes her families line of clothing, Nordstrom, and Top Shop. Both stores are highly regarded for fashion and with the help of Kendall Jenner and her twitter she was able to sell more of her families line of clothes and help theses national businesses. In the photo she is soft smiling while posing behind the rack of clothes. From this simple picture we see that she can look like a normal soft and sweet girl. By the simple picture and the smile it draws in customers. This helps to promote the line and stores with just a simple message to the media. Happiness. Not every picture she posts is her smiling but when she does post a simple picture like this it tends to gather attention. This ad shows her commitment to clothing and not everything she posts has to be full on modeling. It shows a different side of her, a softer and gentler side. Along with this gentler side of Kendall we see this through her commitment and encouragement of her

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