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Kardashian; the name alone instantly has us thinking to the reality show, keeping up with the Kardashian’s. The fame built around social media forums that helped to propel one Kardashian into instant fame, more notably known for selfies and tweets. However, Kendall Jenner, the younger sister of the three famous older reality stars has carved out her own level of fame. Her fame is not of the tabloid variety, rather her budding high fashion career. The drama that entails the Kardashian name has a lot to do with their social media presence; but unlike the rest of the family, Kendall uses it to promote herself and be a good example for her following of young adults. One example I looked at heavily is her tweet about the Estee Lauder perfume…show more content…
Her dedication and commitment to maintain a profession stronghold are represented in both her cover photos and profile pictures on her social media handles. Strong. Confident. Daring. The cover photo she picked is a full view of a lion and his mane, but the picture is in black and white which entails emotion and strength. The black and white cover photo also goes along with her black and white profile picture, which is taken professionally. This shows she is proud of the work she's done because the picture used is also used in another ad. The picture shows her emotional side, she is clearly modeling the jacket, but you can see in her face that she's a different type of model. By using a previously used ad picture again shows this shows to the media and to fashion companies she is committed to her work. The use of two black and white, clear, posed pictures shows that her image is professional although she is young. She has added her own sense of style to the professional social media page by adding touches of her personality and modeling ads she's done in the past. Her twitter to a degree is her resume, it shows every job she's done with pictures and it represents her character through her tweets. This is what earns Kendall her jobs; by looking at her profile picture, you can just tell she is a high fashion

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