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Madison McDonald ENG 1002-630 December 11, 2015 Dwonnik Literary Analysis of Amadeus Mozart was known for his obnoxious hyena like laugh that made people cringe. Wolfgang Mozart’s laugh was one of many symbols shown in the movie, Amadeus. Many symbols and conflicts seen throughout the movie are portrayed in ways that make someone look deeper into the meaning of the story. The movie shows many conflicts among man and many conflicts against self. For example, Salieri does everything in his power to try and ruin Mozart’s career out of pure jealousy. In the movie we learn that Salieri is extremely hateful and jealous of Mozart since the moment he lays eyes on him. He was so anxious to meet the famous composer and when he finally learns who he really is, he is extremely disappointed and hateful for him. It’s believed that Salieri hates Mozart because deep down he is the man and…show more content…
It was there to remind him that he needed to do what his father wanted in order to succeed well as a composer. Another symbol that was very significant in the movie was the constant use of masks. Salieri’s plan to kill Mozart is based on the use of a disguise. The disguise he used was the one that Mozart’s father wore to the masquerade. The disguise was used to make Mozart believe that his father had risen from the dead. Salieri proposed that Mozart write a death requiem for a funeral and Mozart accepted believing this was a requiem for his father. Salieri tricked him to make it seem like his father had risen from the dead and requested a requiem be written on his behalf for his funeral. Another significance of the use of masks was at the masquerade. Mozart wore a unicorn’s hat, which is symbolic because his laugh sounds like that of a horse neighing, while Salieri didn’t wear a disguise, only black clothing, to the masquerade portraying his simple, ascetic

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