Be Here Now Summary

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Life is difficult sometimes, life is hart sometimes, you are the only person to form your way too life. For some people it’s easier to find some ways out of problems, and making a positive view out of it. A lot of times your best friend or your soul mate can chance the negative view and make it positive. The postmodern society can describe it with ideas from philosophy to analysis problems in the culture. This is what Miguel Syjuco are using his story “Be Here Now” to show us, the history of our 1 person narrator. Our 1 person narrator presents his situation from his demobilisation home, from the war. The rest of the story is based from his point of view, where he is showing the hard time after the war, back in his home with his girlfriend…show more content…
“It´s exciting to get to know your new kitchen and its appliances.” The reason why Miguel Syjuco he choose to give our main character an unknown name is, that we only need to understand his feelings and his thoughts. On this way, can we as readers make a condition to our main character. There are a lot of examples from the text where we can se how our 1 person narrator feels, and how he act and how his thoughts are. “I check my email. I´m relieved and disappointed there´s nothing. I browse through some of my photos that made front pages. A soldier on his knees defusing an IED on the roadside outside a school the swings in the background moving in the wind. A row of local soldiers facing off with angry residents who point and curse at them. A group of boys hiding behind mothers and sisters dressed in niqabs , the women´s eyes expressive against the expanse of black cloth” Hole this example are telling us, which thoughts our main character he thinks, and the example are showing us which exposed areas he had bin into, when he was dispatch to the war attack
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