The Kite Runner Chapter 11-13 Summary

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The Kite Runner Chapters 11-13 Readers Notes Chapter 11: • Fremont, California. • 1980’s • Baba and Amir have moved to America. • Baba is not adjusting well to America. • Baba freaks out at a local convenience store because they won't take his check without ID, he claims that no one has any trust. • Baba has a very low paying job as a gas station manager. Baba works a twelve-hour shift six days a week. • "Baba's face drawn and pale under the bright fluorescent lights". • Baba and Amir lived on on welfare. However, when Baba got his job, he went to the welfare office and returns his food stamps. He claims that he does not want free money. • Amir graduates from high school. Baba is really proud of Amir, this love is meaningful. • Baba has Amir drive…show more content…
• Amir asks Baba to visit General Taheri and request Soraya's hand in marriage. • Amir wants to marry his love before his father passes away. • Soraya tells Amir about her past relationship where she ran away. • Amir is envious od Soraya because she can let go of her past. • Amir still wants to marry Soraya. Especially since he has a past of his own. Chapter 13: • Baba and Amir formally ask the General to accept Amir into their family. • Soraya and Amir sacrifice many Afghan traditions for their wedding. Baba won't live that long. • Baba spends almost his entire life savings on Amir's wedding, $35,000. • Amir consistently thinks about his past with Hassan. • "I remember wondering if Hassan too had married. And if so, whose face he had seen in the mirror under the veil? Whose henna-painted hands had he held?" • After their marriage Soraya and Amir move in with Baba to take care of him. • Soraya reads Amir’s stories to Baba. • Almost a month after the wedding, Baba dies peacefully in his sleep. • Since Baba has died, Amir and Soraya move into their very own one-bedroom apartment. • Amir enrolls at San Jose State and declares English as his major; Soraya enrolls a year

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