Bilingual Education In School System

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Bilingual education in American school systems Many people growing up in The United States speak a another language other than English at home. These people are known as “heritage speakers” they speak a language that their parents speak at home that is other than English. In the state of California alone more than 200 hundred languages are spoken. 44% of the state’s residents speak a 2nd language. In the city of Los Angeles that percentage of speak who speak another language other than English is 57%. However their situations are often different. Some kids in America’s public school system may speak both languages fluently or they speak the other language other than English or they speak half a foreign language and…show more content…
“So far we have not found any group of student that does not benefit” Dr. Collier had stated. Dr. Collier had studied an impressive amount of students test scores and records a large range of bilingual education. They had come to the conclusion that dual-language programs are beneficial for all groups and not just “heritage speakers.” Many school districts across America have already implemented a bilingual educational system. In Texas Spanish and Mandarin Chinese are the most popular among American children. Utah, the first state to launch a K-12 dual-language program, in 7 years had over 25,000 students enrolled across the state. Many parents in school districts across America think that this is very good but many more would like them to have more opportunities available for them after secondary education because of dual-language…show more content…
Many jobs often pay higher wages or have better salaries for their employees are able to communicate in more than just one language. Parents also are also wanting for their children to better understand cultures and to close the gaps between the different cultures they live around. (Transition to argument here) One thing to ask is of the teachers. The teachers need to be trained in the specific language to point of fluency. This takes teachers in training an extremely long time get comfortable enough in the language of their choice. The schools also need to be on board. Several schools in the United States struggle to meet standards both state and federal for test scores, bilingual education could worsen their scores dramatically. The instructors also need more time to prepare and collaborate with other teachers if they do not collaborate with each other they will be just constantly repeating the same lessons but in two different

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