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After all, if they fail to make it out, they are invited to discuss the same with the teachers and other colleagues. In the end, the student finds answer to his inquiry. Nevertheless, such method is a good for nothing in the big so called institute. Bhagat grieves for the sterilized rigidity of the education system. He finds the professors bigotry not to allow any prolific change in the system. Bhagat is straightforward in his approach to life. He listens to the voice of his soul, which he strongly believes in, is ever accurate. The man listening to the inner voice may suffer a big loss but finally emerges out victorious. For instance, all three friends suffer humiliation at college campus. All the teachers with the students take them for nuts,…show more content…
That he has changed the point of view of young generation and is a writer of the youth can be canonized with the point of view that he deals almost all issues pertaining to their life situation because his sensibility next to his minute observation towards life led by modern generation, and specifically, educated ones, allows him to write. Apart from this, he has showed himself to be an alert and expert writer who has experimented with the genre and techniques of novel writings, be it them, narrative techniques, plot construction, and language and there is no shortage of romance, background music, political and sentimental issues in his writings. The experimental and inventive literary canon put forwarded by Chetan Bhagat has almost changed the taste budding book lovers since the publication of his first novel. In almost all his novels, be it Five Point Someone, Three Mistakes of My Life, One Night @ Call Centre, Revolution 2020 and 2 States: The Story of My Marriage. He has discovered almost all aspects relating to young generation showing from romance, adventure, social issues, education system, and nature of…show more content…
Chetan Bhagat has taken the creative appropriateness of novels writing in English like his ancestors such as Mulk Raj Anand, R.K. Narayan and Raja Rao, but this liking of Chetan Bhagat to portray Indian reality can be considered even an extension and partially extermination of his immediate predecessors like Vikram Seth, Salman Rushdie, Arundhti Roy who changed the face of Indian novel in English with their continue practice of shattering the standard of westernized looking as ‘other’ and ‘substandard’ discussed in Edward Said’s famed treatise Orientalism as he seems to be adopting cosmopolitan standard of writing, eliminating all the linguistic and geographical barricade. The present novel 2 States also, is one of the best sellers of Chetan Bhagat, firstly, because the writer admits that this is the imaginative reconstruction of his own life and secondly it touches the sentiments of young generation. Both the factors make this work even more genuine and magnify his own popularity among his fans; however, he also maintains

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