Animal Cruelty: The Causes And Effects Of Animal Abuse

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“A good deed done to an animal is as meritorious as a good deed done to a human being, while an act of cruelty to an animal is a bad as an act of cruelty to a human being” (“Animal Abuse Sayings and Quotes”). The frequent occurrence of animal abuse is shocking. The recurrence of animal abuse is no surprise. Animal cruelty happens in many different ways and is very common nowadays. If a human being endures beatings and neglect intentionally from another human being, the story can bring tears to one’s eyes. It seems many people find it an exception if the being that experiences the abuse is replaced with an animal. The blind eye that society turns plays a significant role in making the problem more prevalent. If humans could better…show more content…
Humans like to wear the belt that says “Top of the Food Chain”. Animals are greatly disadvantaged in every way compared to a human. Abusers are aware the animals are significantly reliant on humans to provide. Many animal abusers use housepets as an outlet for their rage. Studies show that about 71% of battered women have reported that their pets had been threatened, harmed, or killed by their abusers (“Animal Cruelty Facts and Stats”). The disadvantage that animals currently sit at is a big motivator for abusers. If a domestic abuser knows he/she will be reported and punished if he/she abuses another human, they will obtain an animal and abuse it knowing it is highly unlikely that there will be a consequence, and obtaining an animal is fairly easy. The vulnerability of the abused animal is a factor when it comes to finding a punching bag express rage from an abuser’s point of view. It is common for an abuser to use an animal as a scapegoat. This causes problems for both species. According to various surveys, about 33% of battered women hesitate to leave a dangerous environment due to the concern for their pets’ safety (“Facts and Myths About Domestic Violence”). Since animals cannot self-report an abusive situation, it is difficult for a human victim to abandon a pet. Many people consider their pet as a part of the family, technically filing animal abuse under domestic violence. The abuser can also use this as a way to…show more content…
Not only do abusers use animals as scapegoats, but violence breeds violence. Many people consider animal abuse as a warning for something bigger. A study from 2000 showed that out of 1,600 cases of animal cruelty, 94% were committed by males, and 34% were committed by perpetrators 18 and under (“Animal Cruelty Often Tied to Family Abuse” para 1-2). The shockingly high percentage of animal cruelty crimes committed by males and the large amount domestic abuse crimes committed by males “should be a red flag to anyone concerned about reducing violence in our society” (para 3). It is important to catch this at an early stage, as the violence towards animals could eventually lead to risking the safety of family and society in general. This case mentions the possibility of animal abuse tying into domestic abuse. But why should awareness only be spread after an animal is harmed? An experiment showed that when elephants heard an audio recording of the voices of tourists, they ignored it. But when audio recordings of the voices of herders were played, the elephants would group up and run away from the hidden speaker (Safina). This experiment demonstrates how animals use their brains in comparison to how humans do because oftentimes humans assume they are the only species capable of most thinking abilities. The elephants in this experiment had already

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