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There has been a big jump in the number of immigrants coming to the United States and with that comes a big jump in the number of English language learners attending school. This is a big jump that calls for rethinking the way we teach English language learners and having a supportive educational environment for these students. The article I read was called, “Creating Schools That Support Success for English Language Learners,” written by Jennifer Stepanek and Jacqueline Raphael with contributions from Elizabeth Autlo, Theresa Deussen, and Lynette Thompson. This article gave five lessons towards creating a better education for English language learners. I found the article to be very informative and full of great ideas. I believe that each lesson was well thought out and provided good ideas towards achieving that lesson or goal. The first lesson was, “Make success for ELL’s a central issue.” The article talked about having everyone committed to creating a better education for English language learners. I believe that this is a major point needed to get anything changed in Education. In order to change the way something works in a school, you need the commitment of everyone who is a part of the school community. Without the commitment of the principal and other administrators, nothing is…show more content…
The article talked about bringing families into what their child is learning in school. This can be by having English classes for parents and community members during the weekends. This can involve the parents in their child’s education and learning of English as a second language. It is important when learning a language that you practice it aloud in a conversation with others. This can now be done in a more efficient way with parents and children both learning English at the same

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