Shoot For Loot Game Analysis

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The product that we came up with was mini games during half time events at Regis basketball games. The game that we have used up until this point is called “Shoot for Loot” where fans can buy a mini basketball and attempt to throw it in the bin placed at the center of the court or field depending on the sport. If a contestant is able to shoot the ball into the bin then they win a prize. The prize they have won so far is that they get to keep half of the money raised by selling the mini basketballs . Because basketball and volleyball season is over, we are now working with the Regis Athletics Administration Department in order to develop some new games that we can use for the outdoor sports such as lacrosse or baseball. There were a number of reasons that we decided this would be a good idea that would raise a lot of money. Through our survey we found that the majority of people wouldn’t want to participate in a traditional halftime show where they are out in front of everybody alone and could potentially embarrass themselves. This is a big reason we used the “Shoot for Loot” game. We ended up having a large number of people participate because they were able to do so from the comfort of their seat, without pressure. Also we knew that by holding…show more content…
We had people from ages 1-90 play our game and they were all able to give a reasonable attempt and have a realistic chance of winning. The balls we use are small and light enough that it doesn’t really matter how strong you are, everyone has a chance at winning. Like we mentioned before, nobody feels self conscious about competing either as everybody throws their ball at the same time. Lastly it is fun for everybody involved. It is a really enjoyable game to play as everybody is trying their best to get their ball in the bin and win the prize. We definitely saw a lot of smiles and laughs from people of all ages when we ran

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