Bilingual Education Research Paper

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“The Importance To Know” Bilingualism is the ability to communicate in two different languages fluently. In this case, I myself would be a prime example of a bilingualist. Growing up, I was exposed to Hindi around my family and English while attending school. As time went by, I was comprehending and speaking both of the languages effortlessly. Correspondingly, many foreign kids such as, the Hispanic population, encounter the same situation as I. In order to teach these kids English schools throughout the U.S have developed a program called bilingual education. Bilingual education means to teach students using a combination of their native language and English. The significance of Bilingual education is to help students learn English…show more content…
In 2012, Jorge and Maria were nominees to moderate the 2012 presidential debate, unfortunately they were not selected to do so. Jorge exclaims, “America should be more diverse.” And I support his statement as well. The land of America was formed by Immigrants, in which slowly turned into a great nation. In present day, we should not stop embracing immigrants but rather support them. In the next debate, I believe “immigrants” will be a big issue that would be talked about, unfortunately I cannot voice if it will be supported or not. As to influence the viewers, Jorge and Maria are expanding their viewers by providing news in English. Also, In ambition that the society views them as equal, since they are performing the same skilled level job as any other successful reporter. Ramos states, the immigration pattern is growing and the only ones that are staying back home are the rich and wealthy. I believe it is good that immigration is increasing as long as it is legal, since America is the land of opportunity and everyone should deserve a chance. The new generations of Latino culture is seemingly to forget Spanish and know only English, making it harder for reporters like Jorge and Maria to influence knowledge to these individuals. However, Spanish will continue to be important, since…show more content…
Following this question I asked “What is more important English Spanish or both? As many people did reply both, their main focus was on how important English is in order to be a successful person. Next, I asked many pedestrians, “Who are the Latinos?” The replies for this answer was pretty neutral, as some replied: The Spanish heritage, while some exclaimed “Mexicans”. Lastly, I asked “Do you think the American society views Latinos as equal? The feedback for this answer was quite shocking, as many individuals replied with uncertainty. After getting all the feedback, I came up with a conclusion, Even though people are aware of the Latino community they are unaware of their culture how the society sometime tends to view them as

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