Rhetorical Analysis Of An Immigrant

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Tan uses her own experiences with the English language to convey the strength of her viewpoint in relation to family, language, and identity. Tan uses her mother, a Chinese immigrant, to show how her mother would never have the chance to fully integrate herself into the American culture due to her “broken”, otherwise known as “limited”, English (262). Tan’s mother would never be able to have the same freedoms, or treated with the same level of respect that English-speaking and American citizens have. To further persuade the reader of how immigrants are negatively treated in public situations, she uses personal narratives to describe how her mother was treated in the public eye, especially in restaurants, doctor offices, and financial businesses. Tan discusses the negative experience by noting “The fact that people in department stores, at banks, and at restaurants did not take her seriously, did not give her good service, pretended to not understand her, or even acted as if they…show more content…
Rodriguez uses an Academic tone to appeal to the advocates of bilingual education, which consists of policy makers, administrators, and members of the education board. Rodriguez uses an Academic tone simply due to his argument on bilingual education. If he would like to persuade supporters of an education system, he must state his argument and personal beliefs in a manner such that his audience will consider. Unlike Tan, Rodriguez never included sympathetic or sad stories to create a compassionate connection with the reader, and Rodriguez never becomes to “preachy”, or defending his arguments in a self-righteous manner. Rodriguez argues against a very smart and intelligent audience. With using the correct tone and tactics, Rodriguez is able to grab the reader’s attention, and argue his position effectively and successfully and shows how bilingual education separates an immigrant from their “individuality”

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