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William Kendall Canadian / American Studies Theodore Kamena March 1, 2014 The Health Care differences between two close neighbors While it is true that Canada is one of America’s biggest neighbors, that does not mean that there are few differences between the countries. The true is actually quite the opposite. Canada and American have many differences, some of which are varied greatly with there size. When it comes to health care in the two countries have two vastly different systems in place. The differences between the two basically come down to the fact that the Canadian healthcare system in place has been nationalized, while the health care in America is paid by the citizens or be paid out of pocket. Even…show more content…
This is related in most part to the independent businesses and companies that provide insurance as well as the fact that many americans won't accept a welfare state in which the government is mostly paying for healthcare, education, and social welfare programs that they would use on a daily basis. That would just not fly in America. The Healthcare system in America runs much differently. One of the biggest differences is that even in the states that might offer a some healthcare programs for the uninsured and underinsured, there is a huge problem in the those programs in who they are available to. The problem is that only people who fall in to certain groups are able to qualify for those problems. There is a huge difference in the coverage for people of color and the socioeconomic status in which they fall…show more content…
The Canadian healthcare system prior to the 1990s was considered to poor. The changes that have been made since then have greatly improved the quality the healthcare in Canada. Most of the changes have been primarily in the area of primary care. There has been increased spending in that area along with the objective of ensuring that the patients enrolled with a primary healthcare provider have had a marked improvement in the quality of their treatments, along with increasing the access they have to that care in Canada. It can also be argued that the healthcare system in place in Canada has seen some huge improvements in the area of integrated care for the elderly. In the last decade their have been noticeably changes in the long term care, family medicine groups, and network clinics. one of Canada’s most vulnerable patient population have seen a lot more access to primary care physicians and specialists that they would not have had access to in the

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