American Red Cross Community Analysis

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The American Red Cross provides care and valuable resources to those in need. The Red Cross operates on dedicated volunteers and generous donations to help victims in domestic and international disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes to name a few. Blood services is also an area where the Red Cross serves the community. They take blood donations from donors and supply hospitals with a much needed blood supply. Finally, the Red Cross helps families communicate with members of the military in times of family emergencies. The five key areas served by the Red Cross that will be discussed include Disaster Relief, Supporting America’s Military Families, Lifesaving Blood, Health and Safety Services, and International Services (What We Do, n.d.). Disaster relief is an important topic in today’s world. The American Red Cross responds to approximately 70,000 disasters each year which include man-made disasters and natural disasters (Irwin, 2013). The American Red Cross helps to comfort and service the affected families and provide them with proper care such as medical assistance, shelter, food, water, and emotional health services. Also, the Red Cross is able to provide short-term financial support to individuals and families that are impacted by disasters. The United States Congress authorizes The American Red…show more content…
Each year the American Red Cross provides assistance to more than two million service members and many of our nation’s twenty four million veterans (What We Do, n.d.). They support military families, military, and veterans hospitals and provide emergency communications everywhere in the world. Once a year, The Red Cross delivers holiday cards to veterans, military families and active-duty service members at hospitals around the world to uplift their spirits during the winter holidays (Turk,

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