Redemption In The Kite Runner

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Out of all the themes The Kite Runner decided to go with, the main theme would have to be redemption. Throughout the book, Amir tries to find redemption for the sins he ran away from when he was younger. Amir says in the first chapter that he has “unatoned sins.” In The Kite Runner, the author uses symbolism like Amir’s scar, the blue kite, and the lamb to show the overall theme of redemption. The scar on Amirs lip symbolizes how Amir finally got redemption for the things he did to Hassan by rescuing Sohrab from Assef. Amir goes to Afghanistan to save Sohrab and get him to live with Amir in America, but Sohrab is a dancing boy for Assef. Amir then had to fight Assef so he was able to leave Afghanistan with Sohrab. During the fight, Amir was

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