Symbols In The Kite Runner

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The use of literary devices is extremely crucial in developing ideas and themes in a novel and facilitates a reader in understanding the deeper meaning of ones writing. Authors have various techniques available to them, including symbolism. Khaled Hosseini demonstrates the method of indirectly conveying idea’s profoundly in his novel, The Kite Runner. Throughout the novel, key symbols are repeatedly referenced in significance to the main protagonist, Amir, including the title, the kite runner, the Afghan ceremony of slaughtering a sheep, and the pomegranate. Firstly, the title is a significant symbol for the relationships in the novel. The kite runner symbolizes loyalty and the need to prove one’s self to their master (the kite fighter) by retrieving the kite. Initially, Amir’s servant, Hassan, runs kites for Amir,…show more content…
As mentioned before, Hassan sacrifices himself to retrieve the final kite for Amir, resulting in him suffering rape. This becomes the inciting incident as Amir witnesses the rape and fails to stop it. Amir describes Hassan expression before his rape as one resembling to a lamb before its slaughter on Eid Al-Adha. Similar to the lamb, Hassan is nothing but innocent and believes “…that [his] imminent demise is for a higher purpose” (p.82). Amir again uses the slaughtering of the lamb as a way to describe a specific look, but this time to explain Sohrab, Hassan’s son. Sohrab possesses the same look in his eyes as his father does when in the presences of an assaulter. Additional to “the look” Sohrab shares the trait of mascara filled eyelashes with the sheep. Sohrab innocence is lost in his rape, but he is rescued from further damage by Amir, something he did not do for Hassan. Ultimately, Amir persistently uses “slaughter sheep eyes” as an adjective to describe one who has lost their

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