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The Kite Runner should not be banned. Society might presume to determine a books worth, yet how can it decide whether or not it may be read? Communities do not have the right to limit availability or inhibit accessibility of information simply because certain members find it objectionable. Whether individuals may or may not read certain literature is the choice of the individuals themselves. The Kite Runner is the story of Amir, a young pushtan boy and a member of Afghanistan's ruling class. (World Literature Today, 2004) His incredible narrative is comprised of the many ordeals he experiences as a young boy growing into adult, eventually traveling to America to escape his war torn country and to find redemption from his past. Published in…show more content…
People were drawn to the book because of its original, yet timeless story and the important topics it covered that are still relevant today. To quote the author, "Because its themes of friendship, betrayal, guilt, redemption and the uneasy love between fathers and sons are universal themes, and not specifically Afghan, the book has been able to reach across cultural, racial, religious and gender gaps to resonate with readers of varying backgrounds." (San Francisco Chronicle, 2005) In 2007 a controversial film adaptation produced by Paramount Pictures was released. While it was well received critically, inciting reviews that called it "dramatically and visually sumptuous" and "a remarkable story with tremendous human interest," others felt the implication of childhood rape in the film, while not visually graphic, was unnecessary and…show more content…
The horrors and atrocities depicted in Hosseini's tragic novel are all too real for the people of Afghanistan. Socioeconomic status and the strife it causes for young Amir and his half-brother Hassan is a present issue in many countries, where status means power and women and the indigent are born into their lives with no hope for positive change. The Kite Runner is a not a fantastical novel, but an insightful look into the lives of people in another culture. It may contain explicit, terrible details that society does not approve of, yet it is an unparalleled well-written source of information on a subject many know little

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