Essay Comparing The Kite Runner And Jane Eyre

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For thousands of years, books have been a crucial part of human life. Books have inspired individuals to stand up against the preconceived ideas of society and fight for what they believe in. They act as a safe haven and allow readers to escape the troubles of reality. These novels can evoke powerful emotions through the utilization of rhetorical devices and impressive writing styles. Admittedly, some books do a better job of this than others. Certain novels are so compelling to people that they have been consistently reading them for hundreds of years. These books are not only inspirational to their readers, but they are influential. Books that possess these characteristics are timeless and will continue to influence society for years…show more content…
Both The Kite Runner and Jane Eyre have the impressive employment of vivid imagery in them. This imagery helps accentuate the scenes that the author is attempting to describe. By utilizing shocking diction Bronte and Hosseini are able to put the readers and the moment and, therefore, make the emotions they are trying to create that much stronger. Both novels also speak on the negative aspects of society during the time they were written. Jane Eyre calls for the equal treatment of women and criticizes the class structure that is forced upon her at the time. Throughout the novel, the reader watches Jane overcome these chains that are holding her back and achieve self-actualization. The Kite Runner reveals the harsh and appalling treatment of the citizens of Afghanistan after they revolted and the Taliban gained control of the nation. This political turmoil still exists today and Hosseini used The Kite Runner to not only point this out but create a call to action and influence the readers to make a change. Furthermore, both novels contain universal themes that will remain prevent for years to come. They inspire their readers to stand up against the immoral and unethical preconceived idea society and fight for what they believe in. These books influence their reader’s opinions of the world around them and promote change to be

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