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“Stretching is a form of physical exercise where a specific muscle or tendon (or a group of muscle) is deliberately flexed or stretched in order to improve the muscle’s felt elasticity and achieve comfortable muscle tone.”-Wikipedia. Basically stretching is a natural and spontaneous activity. Stretching can occur spontaneously for example when we yawn, after waking up from sleep or after a certain period of not doing any activity. Stretching is one of the basic ideas of physical fitness to increase flexibility among the athletes, gymnasts or before we start doing physical activity. Stretching can give a lot of benefits to our muscles. Some of the benefits are reducing the risk of injury during certain form of physical activity, improves the athlete’s performance, and increase flexibility. According to “Journal of Applied Physiology”, stretching makes the muscle stronger. Regular stretching also can reorganize the tissue inside muscle fibers and increase our range of motion. Generally there are many techniques for stretching and it depends on…show more content…
Dynamic stretching is a type of low-intensity activity that will gradually raise our heart rate and increase bloods flow to the muscles. We also may even sweats a little as dynamic stretching will slowly warm up our body’s temperature. Dynamic stretching can increase our body awareness. As we’re moving while we stretch, it helps us to challenge our balance and coordination involving the skills that is needed in our performances. We have to perform dynamic stretching according to the main activity that we want to perform. Like for example, when we want to jog for 2 miles, we can walk slowly and gradually speeding for up to 5 minutes or when we want to stretch our leg muscles, we can do some high knee marches or walking lunges to warm up for those

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