Comparison Essay: The Garden Compliments The House

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The garden compliments the house. An important factor in building a house is not to look at it just as a house, instead view it as the casing that needs working on to make it a home. The first impression should attract onlookers to appreciate true beauty, in that working on the garden is imperative to compliment the house. Really give serious thought to your garden when designing it. Do you want one that it is simply neat and tidy with no surprise element, a dull and merely a pleasant garden? Actually I would prefer the one that has special features like a water feature, or some exotic plants to enhance a tropical feeling, for a garden expresses character. Keep that in mind when choosing which garden would be more appealing for you, in other words, which character you would like to portray. Let Your Character Come Through It is important to change not only your outlook to life but also the way you look, which in itself will make a statement. Subsequently in the same token, when you start selecting clothes and attributes, these will be showing…show more content…
Slapping on something that they feel comfortable in, with not much attention to detail. This style makes a statement such as “I am not interested in looking good for anyone, not even myself, because comfort is the most important factor”. Who said you cannot be comfortable and look good at the same time. Frankly, their persona could be perceived as ‘you get what you see’; you know the lady and stubborn character. In all honesty this person lacks insight to why it is important to be a little more creative and give some attention to what they are revealing. My first thought would be that this person has a hidden problem resulting in low self-esteem. Also, it reflects that this person will stay stagnant for the simple reason of not having the energy or know how to develop or change – they are laid back. Unfortunately this attracts others that will treat them

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