Back Pain Disadvantages

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Lower back pain is a common back issue that most of us experience from time to time. This is also one of the most common reasons why one misses school or work, and also a common reason for disability. The good news is that most back pains are resolved easily with the pain lasting for a few hours or days unless of course, the issue is caused by slipped disc, torn muscles or tissues, and the like. Lower back pain can be triggered because of a sprain or strain which can happen all of a sudden or can develop over time especially when you are doing repetitive movements. A strain occurs when the muscle is pushed or stretched too far leading to tears in the muscles. Sprains, on the other hand, can happen when there is an over-stretching and tearing that affect the ligaments. The ligaments are the ones that hold the bones together. Sprains and strains can occur because of poor posture, lifting a heavy object, sudden movements…show more content…
This type of chair lets you recline to minimize the pressure that you are putting on your spine. • It has a swivel – Another advantage to using ergonomic chairs is that it lets you move without getting up. You turn to your left or right or even your back if you like making your movements easier and fast too. • Provides lumbar support – The best ergonomic chair can also assist in supporting your lower back as it is designed to have a lumbar adjustment so you will be able to sit and move properly. This can also lead to better energy levels since there are no aches and pains to be felt. • It is user-friendly – You will find that ergonomic chairs are quite user-friendly as it is completely adjustable to suit your needs. This gives you that extra comfort while sitting without compromising your posture regardless of how tall or short you

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