Impulse Buying Behavior In Pakistan

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Abstract The aim of this study is to find relationship between factors and their effect on the impulse buying behavior in Pakistan. A lot of research has been down in western world on impulse buying but no factors are known specifically for Pakistani market. This study aims to find whether individualistic, collective behavior, age, income level has any relationship with impulse buying tendency or impulse buying behaviors. As Pakistan is one of the fastest growing retail market in the region it is imperative to know these factors for companies that sell their products on retail front. The data has been collected through questionnaires and then analyzed through SPSS to see if there is any relationship between factors and impulse buying. Through…show more content…
The retail industry in Pakistan has emerged as one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing industry with many international and domestic players entering the market. This is the point where there is contact between the marketers and consumers. This is also the point where all the triggers are present for impulse buying. Pakistan is emerging as a retail destination. The rapid urbanization and upscale urban neighborhood development has only fueled the retail sector. New shopping malls are opening every day. In such neighborhoods all most all of the shopping is done in mega malls. This is mostly present in the most developed province of Pakistan that is Punjab. Especially in the urban city of Lahore where our research will focus. According to planet retail a global retail forecasting firm, it estimated country’s retail market size to be $152 million with 8% annual growth. Only these statistics compels one to research about the factors that affect impulse buying behavior in Pakistan so that the companies manufacturing retail products can include those factors within their marketing strategy to compel its buyer to impulse buy and can know about their target…show more content…
It first of all establishes the factors that could be affecting the impulse buying behavior in Pakistan through literature review of previous research generally focusing on western research and specifically looking at research in developing economies. The effect of factors is to be found on two tendencies, once is impulse buying behavior while the other is frequency of impulse buying. It will first of all measure the tendency of individualistic and collectivistic tendency in the consumer. As they both can co-exist in the individual focusing on the culture in Pakistan so their relation and effect on impulse buying behavior will be found out. Then the both the impulse buying behavior and frequency of impulse buying will be tested according to age, income and

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