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The tobacco industry may have been declining over recent years, however the industry will not cease anytime soon. Tobacco is in fact a global industry and can be grown in any moist and warm environment which means all continents can farm tobacco except for Antarctica. Tobacco Competition While there are a number of legal and illegal substances that may be consumed in similar ways to tobacco, the tobacco industry’s biggest competition are tobacco cessation products. Tobacco cessation products are products that provide direct replacement to nicotine intake and possibly provide a channel to eventually quit smoking tobacco products. The products include the patch, gum, nasal spray, inhaler and lozenge (dissolving tablets). One of the newest,…show more content…
These five corporations control over 80% of the market share for tobacco products worldwide. All of these firms have revenues that exceed 30 billion dollars, and each saw profits of at least 1.5 billion dollars in 2012. The general structure of the industry is an oligopoly. There are very few suppliers of tobacco products, and many buyers. While store shelves are stocked with multiple brands of tobacco products, all of the largest sellers are owned by one of the five international giants. China National Tobacco is a near perfect monopoly; being owned by the Chinese government who ensure their market position. The country of China leads the world in number of total tobacco smokers, and the number of cigarettes…show more content…
Again, the culture of the nation drives, or perhaps reflects, this reality as smoking is considered unwomanly and violates social norms. Paradoxically, it is Europe and the Americas, two developed regions, where female smoking rates are the highest. While tobacco use in males is normally highest among low income individuals with less education, women in the higher income countries of Europe and the Americas are more likely to smoke tobacco than women in developing nations. The taboo that surrounds gender roles and smoking are much weaker, or non-existent, in these

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