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Exercise, whatever type it may be, has its impact on the muscles of our body. So, preparing for exercise or more precisely speaking, relaxing the muscles before doing the exercise is important to get the maximum benefit. But relaxing the muscles after the exercise is far more important. Different exercises have an impact on different muscles of our body. Here we are talking about the exercise known as “Push Ups”. Parts of the body involved in this exercise are Neck, Arms, Shoulders, and wrists. Too much pressure or stress occurs on all these parts of the body while doing push-ups. So, relaxing the muscles of these parts of the body, after doing the exercise is much more important. This can be done through stretching. This is not only important for having a good feeling after the…show more content…
Muscles of your neck have to bear immense stress; hence relaxing these muscles after push-ups is very much essential. Sit or stand with a straight back. With the help of your hand or without it, move your neck, with reasonable force, towards left, right, forward and backward. Repeat this for at least 3-5 times. Your neck muscles will feel relaxed. Why Is Stretching So Important? While you do exercises, lactic acid is produced, higher than normal, thus making your muscles vulnerable to soaring and fatigue. Stretching after push-ups greatly help reduce the muscle fatigue. Muscles are warm at this point of time; hence your blood circulation is also at an increased level. So, stretching after the exercise gives you a fair chance of returning your muscles to normal, especially the level of production of lactic acid, ultimately preventing soaring and fatigue effects. Apart from this physical effect, stretching has a phycological impact as well. By doing stretching exercises, your mind and nerves feel a soothing impact that relaxes you. source:

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