Persuasive Essay On Online Fitness

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Many people choose to lose weight by getting involved with an online fitness program. They figure it makes sense to either grab a few ideas from YouTube or blogs, or buy health fitness books to learn how to get started on their road to a whole new body. The internet has become the ultimate tool in gathering knowledge, and it's become so important many of us cannot imagine life without it. When it comes to the area of health and fitness however, the internet is a double-edge sword. The net allows you to learn about almost any health and fitness program that has ever been designed... the problem is that the net allows you to learn about almost any health and fitness program that has ever been designed - get it? It's like how Life Coach Anthony Robbins describes society's thinking…show more content…
Too many programs uses exercises that do more harm than good - be on the lookout for programs that cause you to lift heavy weight in a position that can potentially harm you. • Uses intensity for short periods of time to build muscle and endurance • Uses aerobics to build heart power • Uses correct stretching principles to create flexibility Obviously, there's more to this with fitness but these basic features will help a long way in choosing which program you will be able to benefit from most. Just remember, fitness programs do help you lose weight but they are not weight loss programs, and choose your fitness program wisely so as to get the most benefit from the time and energy you will be spending. Searching the net for ideas on health and fitness can be a daunting task, but when you know WHAT to look for, the process just becomes that much easier. Knowing what you're looking for will help you acquire the program that best meets your needs, instead of an online fitness program that will end up on one of your external hard drives - never to be or heard from

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