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Immigration has an impact of giving an individual a positive or negative aspect in acknowledging different morals and beliefs that often leads a person to experience cultural shock. Although, Mexican and Cuban immigration groups may have many things in common. The fact of the matter is that, Latin immigration groups have its differences as well. Ultimately, being the same by race as to Hispanics, but being different by a specific unique ethnicity, such as a Mexican, Cuban, or a Puerto Rican. Immigration is considered to be, an alien or aliens migrating to a foreign country and living in that country permanently. To proceed, Cubans immigrated to the United States on boats that were made out of tires or rafts for the reason of escaping the conflict…show more content…
To continue, traditions is what separates groups by its culture, that is taught and celebrated to every future generation, like Cinco De Mayo, which is May fifth and La Dia Del Los Muertos, the day of the dead, that is celebrated by Mexicans as holidays. In addition, music in Mexican culture tend to be mariachis, which is a group of people singing soulful songs. On the other hand, Cubans music tend to have a more black jazz and slow contemporary music, such as Rumbo and Guaguranco. To continue, for holidays their important and favorite holiday is Christmas day for the purpose of celebrating a tradition that is called “Buenas Nouches,” were they eat a roasted pig, sing and dance. In comparison for Mexicans and Cubans, they both celebrate their daughter’s 15th birthday (Quinceanera) as a tradition for their daughter becoming a young lady or women. Moreover, Cubans come from the ethnicity of Native Indian and African, during the slave trade, and Mexicans come from Native Indians and the Aztecs. That are two different ethnic origin. Finally, these were the traditions and culture that Mexicans and Cubans have within their ancestors and their family’s generations that what makes them, Mexican or

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