The Pros And Dangers Of Exercise

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When it comes to exercise, sports, or even simply just any form of physical activity in general, although all of the above are fantastically healthy and beneficial for us in so many different ways, we also need to understand the risks and dangers associated with them in the process. For example, before exercising or working out, we should always, always, ensure that we warm up and stretch properly. On top of that, we also need to ensure that we perform and carry out each exercise as effectively and safely as possible. Our muscles are constantly being placed under strain and under pressure every single day, even by doing something as seemingly trivial as walking. By placing our muscles under pressure, we run the risk of suffering muscle…show more content…
These injuries are serious and very painful and often require surgery to repair or reattach the damaged muscle. The recovery period for these injuries can vary from anything from 3 months through to 9 months, possibly even longer still. The thing to remember with any muscle strain, no matter which grade it is categorised into, is that the injury must be treated appropriately and given plenty of time to heal. If you were to suffer a grade 1 strain whilst in the gym for example, if you were to try to work through the pain and discomfort, you would only make the injury worse and it could then turn into a grade 2 strain, and so on. What are the main causes? – There are many different causes of muscle strain and muscle pulls or tears, but some of the main examples include the following: Not warming up properly – One of the biggest causes of muscle strains is by the person exercising not taking the time to stretch or warm up before they begin working out. The idea behind stretching and warming up is to improve the elasticity of muscle fibres so that they aren’t pulling as tight and are less likely to

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