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Annotated Works Cited: Source One Wickman, Gary. “Organ Donation Pros and Cons.” Gary Wickman is an author who writes articles specifically surrounding topics in the medical field. He works inside the walls of a hospital and has direct access to medical information, so his articles are directly based on facts. In this article, “Organ Donations Pros and Cons” Wickman wanted to raise awareness of why a person should become a donor and possibly dispel reasons why they would be hesitant to become one. The article was written due to the growing need for organs in the United States for many reasons. This information was intended for anyone over the age of eighteen who has to consider their option of becoming a donor after they…show more content…
In her article, “Organ Donation: The Power to Change Lives,” she addresses the topic of organ donations and explains why organ donations is beneficial to the community around us. Barrette felt tempted to right this in order for her to try and increase the amount of organ donors by explaining the positives that come out of it. She is most likely presenting this information to people who don't necessarily believe in organ donation or are on the fence about it and trying to convince them to become one. Barrette’s goal is to inform us on how organ donations helps both sides of the organ process: both the organ donor’s family and the recipient’s family. She covers the topics about how becoming a donor helps family members grieve by making the family feel like the lost one's life had a purpose. She even goes on to identify the opposing point of view which is why people hesitate to donate their organs and what could possibly be a roadblock in organ donations and ways to get around it. Through these subjects, it is clear that she is advocating for the donations of organs. Her standpoint is presented in a clear, scientific tone that makes the reader feel as if she has a lot of knowledge about this topic and is persistent about that fact that one needs to sign up to become an organ…show more content…
This article was written in 2010 when Saletan really noticed that people in less affluent countries were choosing to sell their organs in order to make money for themselves to survive. People have come to realize that the shortage of organ donors has caused people to become so desperate that they are willing to buy the organs. The information that he presents in this article is most likely directed towards government members because although Saletan hates to admit it, he believes that there is not another option except to legalize the black market, due to people refusing to sign up to be donors. His goal when writing this was to present pitiful facts so more people become donors so there will not be a need for an organ market. Some subjects he includes is that organ sales lead to class exploitation. He also includes how many countries ban the sale of organs because it is unethical so more people should just become donors to not worry about any illegal activity. Saletan is very biased about this issue and uses a very persistent tone because he believes that an organ market should not exist but he knows that it could be the only way to help those in

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