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A couple of habits of our parrot Our Parrot is exactly two weeks with us today. She really has her own stubborn character structure and prefers doing only things the way she wants and when she wants them. But because we hear and read everywhere that it is very important to be consistent, we therefore just do what we want, even when she gets annoyed. Luckily, after a few times, she accepts that what we want, actually is happening. In this article I will describe some of the habits of our parrot.Tooti hates the groundOnce we let her free on the ground, she will do everything possible to get to higher ground. In addition, she clings to our feet firmly on her feet and then she uses her wings to come up. We find this, of course, not so great, so we put her always back on the ground. Once she sits in a place which is higher she is just happy to sit and be petted.Tooti loves sunflower seedsOnce she sees a sunflower seed, this is the only thing she sees. She gets fully focused on the sunflower seed and is therefore doing everything for it. Stepping up she does not yet on command, she just follows the sunflower seed. So we have to take some practice with it. Of course she understands that she must step up if she sees a stick or our hand and she does that without a problem (except when she thinks she’s going to the shower).New foodWe give a small bite of…show more content…
She can now sleep peacefully without being continuously disturbed by us. She falls asleep quite early on the evening and we saw that she was very often woken by us, or the television. Therefore, a sleeping cage is ideal. We bring her to this cage after sunset and then we take her to her big case in the living room in the morning. She is already used to it and we think it’s a good

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