Advantages Of Armed Guards

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Imagine walking into school next to a security guard holding an AR-15,. Would you feel scared? Would you feel safe? Would you feel threatened or would you feel protected? So far this year there has been 17 Many shooting massacres at schools such as Columbine and Sandy Hook could’ve been halted much earlier or prevented entirely with the protection of a few extra armed guards. The articles, Top 10 Benefits of Armed School Security Guards By Expert Security Tips, Is putting armed guards in our schools a good idea? By Stephen P. Halbrook and Russell J. Skiba McClatchy-Tribune News Service (2017), and How Schools Are Working to Prevent School Shootings By Allie Bidwell (2014) provide an overview of any information contained. Although some kids…show more content…
The guards in schools would have the opportunity to stop a threat immediately. According to Stephen P. Halbrook and Russell J. Skiba McClatchy-Tribune News Service (2017), “Rampaging gunmen seek victims at places where they expect no immediate resistance. They continue their evil deeds until they are no longer in control due to the intervention of armed defenders.” These guards would take much earlier action when a threat occurs, unlike a police department that could take 5-10 minutes to arrive. Guards would also improve protection in schools from outside threats because they can handle situations that might be dangerous for someone else. Expert Security Tips (2018) states, “Sometimes, teachers may be the first to notice a dangerous incident, but they would be too frightened or confused to take action or handle the situation. In such instances, teachers can call on the security guards who would then handle the situation.” Before help arrives, a teacher or student might have an opportunity to stop an active shooter, but they would put themselves at great danger, they could instead call a security guard to keep themselves away from risk. Armed guards in schools would help improve safety from outside threats…show more content…
Security guards could lead to things such as increased student arrests, but they would also improve safety and fairness of the school. An article states, “Aside watching out for criminals or serial killers who may find their way into schools, armed security guards will also help reduce bullying, fighting, and other forms of violence among schoolchildren. “Although some studies show bad claims, overall armed security guards in school do more good than they do bad. Some other students may not feel safe because of under-trained guards. Allie Bidwell (2014) states, “The idea that you're going to ask a teacher, who did not sign up to be in the military, to become a sharpshooter is asinine.’” Instead of arming teachers, the idea of training guards or giving the job to homeless veterans (after thorough mental and physical evaluation.) has been floated around. With these security guards coming from an outside source, school security would improve

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