Benefits Of Going To College Essay

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She’s panting as her sweat runs down her arms, her throat is dry as her heart pounds loudly, she runs back in forth hearing the door bells ring. Fifteen minutes till she’s done, she hurries and grab onto the plates taking them to the tables dropping the dirty ones into the sink as she rushes back into the dining. She looks at the clock six more minutes until class begin she rushes to the locker room taking off her apron and changes running out of the dining. Trying to catch up to the next bus stop as she had already missed it. Four minutes until the bells,she runs until she reaches her university hearing the final bell ring as she runs into her classroom and sits onto her seat taking out her laptop and notes from yesterday.In many people’s perspective they think college does not make a benefit but really it does, college can benefit people in the future and even in their present.College is worth the cost to earn money, achieve people’s dreams ,and help save lives.

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