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When going into the work force after college, there are many aspects to employment a student must learn. Language using Grammar, ethics in the work force, and decorum and propriety are contents that will guide students when going into the professional arena. As a junior sociology major, the triune purpose of this course will help me achieve my goals to get into the FBI. After I graduate from college, I plan on attending graduate school to get a Master’s degree in Criminology at universities such as the University of Maryland, University of California Irvine, or Arizona State University. One of the required components in completing the application process for graduate school is a personal statement. When writing my personal statement, language…show more content…
After reading blogs about the interview process, applicants often get discouraged and frustrated. When walking in to the interview, it is appropriate to display proper behavior and illustrate respect and good manners. Acquiring more information about decorum and propriety will permit me to appear more respectful as well as well mannered. If I am able to accomplish my goal of working in the FBI, it is essential I always behave professionally. Since I have decided to work as an undercover agent, I will be put through trials that test my morals. In any situation I face, it is important I perform accordingly and as expected. Learning about ethics in the work place ahead of time will prepare me for situations where my morals are tested. The triune purpose of this course plays a momentous role in helping me achieve my goals. After graduating college, I want to go to graduate school. In order to go to graduate school I must write a personal statement. When writing my personal statement I will need to consider language usage including grammar, punctuation, and organization to make my essay stand out amongst the other applicants’. If I am fortunate to get an interview with the FBI, learning about decorum and propriety will help me when wanting to be more respectful and well mannered. Achieving my goal of working with the FBI means I will be working in a professional setting. Ethics in the work

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