Plagiarism: The Definition Of Academic Integrity

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Many students get caught cheating or plagiarizing at universities and high schools. This occurs mostly because they never relied on themselves to do their own work. It also happens because those students do not know what academic integrity is. Every student going into to college should at least have an idea of what academic integrity is. Academic Integrity helps students in being honest about doing work on their own, always having the correct works cited, and not to plagiarize. Students often plagiarize on essays and get away with it depending on their school, instructor etc. Mainly because they do not fully understand the definition of plagiarism, they just know it’s bad. Taking credit for someone else’s work should not be tolerated at any school. It’s a really bad way to attempt to get a good grade on an assignment. I witnessed a plagiarism act in high school. A friend of mine took another person’s essay and turned it in as their own and it did not turn out so well for my friend. Plagiarism is extremely bad it could get you into a good amount of trouble. Never take credit for someone else’s work.…show more content…
Citation is very important in showing where you got the resources to help write your paper. Essays with citations help show the person grading your paper you did the work on your own and showed where you got the tools to help write your paper. I remember getting a bad grade on a paper in high school because I did not cite where I got the tools to write my paper, so it seemed as if the paper was not mine. Citation helps you show honesty in where you got accommodation from. Works cited is required on every essay that requires you having to

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