Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs Case Study

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Chapter 14. DRIVING PROSPECTS TO MAKE A DECISION USING YOUR BOOK Before a person can decide to acquire certain product or services, they will go through various stages. The first one involves recognizing that they have a problem. Problem recognition simply means that a person discovers that things are not what they should be. This recognition occurs when there is a difference between the consumer’s actual situation and the ideal one. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs developed by the eponymous psychologist is among the best known representation for the hierarchy of needs. This theory stipulates that individuals are guided by certain needs that they want to achieve before seeking to focus on the following: Physiological needs Safety needs Needs…show more content…
A satisfied client is likely to become a diehard regular customer. Such loyalty is good for business since it is a major source of income for the brand especially when you combine all the purchases made by the client throughout their entire life commonly referred to as lifetime customer value. Clients will always share their negative or positive opinions on a service or product. They may do this through word of mouth or using family members. On higher level, clients can share their opinions using social networks or consumer review websites. Social media has the potential to harm your practice if clients are not happy with your services so you should never underestimate or overlook this platform. Apart from the above issues, it is important to consider the consumer motivation for buying products. To achieve this goal, you can use the Means-End chain. This involves the logical progression of consequences of products that eventually lead to desired end benefit. Consider the case of the person who was having problems with his car. Such a person may buy a car that has a large engine since it accelerates fast, performs better and improves his/her self-esteem. When marketing your book, you should consider portraying the desired…show more content…
Some individuals are information holders or gatherers. These are the people who seek out the information about the relevance of products or services. Information gatherers normally hold a lot of say when families are making decision about making purchases. This is because they may pass information selectively to favor their chosen alternatives. Targeting information holders is critical since these are the people who will often have more questions about your product or services but once they are convinced that what your claims are credible and authoritative, they are likely to bring in the rest of the family to get services from you. Influencers are some of the other people you need to address. These people do not have the ultimate power to decide about the alternatives. The only catch is that they can influence the rest of the family members by asking for specific products or causing embarrassing situations if their demands are not

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