Human Trafficking In Nigeria

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Little effort have been put in place by government to address human trafficking which is like a virus spreading throughout the world and African countries. The main function of border is to check the movement of people in and out of the country and the arrest of illegal migrant, smugglers and traffickers. However, human trafficking has eaten up deep which serves as source of livelihood to some certain categories of people and the detrimental to the trafficked people. To make matter worst, these aims and objectives have not been able to be achieved. Human trafficking is a practice that keeps gaining ground in Nigeria society and in the contemporary times despite the fact that every nations of the world rejected or frowned at it,…show more content…
Minors are exposed to series of abuse, deadly diseases; exploitation which is dangerous to their health and the health of the people in receiving county in situation where they are not checked or screened before gaining entrance into that country and this can affect them psychologically and emotionally. Human trafficking has effects on country of origin and of destination, such as brain drain, modern slavery, unemployment, overpopulation, high cost of living, social vices, urbanization, poor sanitation and…show more content…
Furthermore, this study would also awaken government and its agencies that sexual exploitation is not only form of human trafficking but there is still organ harvesting, forced labour,domestic servitude, begging and hawking(child abuse). 1.4 Scope of the study The study will cover the whole Saki west local government of Oyo state that has the population of 278,002 and area of 2,014km as at the 2006 population census. The study will engage mixed method (triangulation) to gather data, interview shall be conducted to gather qualitative data from the participants that would be selected through purposive sampling while for the quantitative the use of questionnaire and cluster sampling technique shall be engaged due to unavailability of sampling frame. 1.5 conceptual

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