The Pros And Cons Of Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice is a tough subject for a lot of people because some people believe that a lot of the people in there are corrupt while other people believe that they are doing everything that they can to help people that are in need of help. The criminal justice system in ways have failed us. We have to stop letting things slide because people are corrupt. There are many ways that we could do things differently like get them the help that they need, not letting jail be the first option and many more. We take freedom for granted way more then we should, and the people that don’t have the freedom more than likely aren’t in there getting the help that they need, they are just in there because it is a easy solution for people. The criminal justice…show more content…
Once might a good idea, for people to feel safe and for people to get corrected has now turned into some place that they just send anybody that might have different beliefs, values and they really like to lock up people that have smoked pot. Now it has just became an easy fix for people to send other people with mental disabilities or that really need help to jail/prison without fixing the initial problem. Most criminals committing crimes just need rehab, from a life or life style of drugs, bad family values (which can cloud their own way of thinking) and abuse. A lot of people also will turn to crime because they don’t make enough money, the demands of money, family, cars, and the life style of wanting better things, nicer cars, nicer houses, instead of being grateful that some of the best things in life are family. If the government took more time offering psych wards, help, treatment centers, counseling, career help, arrangements then there would be less crime, less money spent on inmates and a huge amount of crimes would be cut. There will always be errors, things will never be perfect but if we could focus on more on helping the people would help more then just resulting in straight sending to

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