Being Successful In College

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There are many important ideas to take note of when attempting to be successful in college. College students’ lives can become extremely stressful if it is not approached in a logical manor. It is important to study, schedule time properly, stay active in clubs, and always make sure to get enough sleep. The main task to do to make sure to achieve success in college is to study and study effectively. Generally classes meet around three times a week and only for about an hour. It is important to take time out of the day to study the curriculum in order to fully understand it. It is also vital to do all assignments given to do outside of class. The assignments will allow for more development on the subjects and provide better understanding. I find that I understand what I learned in class better if I immediately go and work on problems while it is fresh in my mind rather than waiting a day or two do actually complete the work. The quicker I learn the material and apply it, the easier it is for me to retain the material and use it when needed without having to search for the correct way to do it. It may also help to try different techniques of studying in order to learn it from a…show more content…
Having a club, organization, or sport to escape to every now and then relieves stress and takes stress off of the mind. Sports use physical activity to even relieve the stress. Clubs, organizations, and sports can lead to more friends which can lead to more enjoyment. I am involved in soccer and have enjoyed the competition and being making friends. It gives me a break from all the school chaos for a little. Making friends also provides someone to go to for help with any school related questions. Students that join an outside of school organization, sport, or club that is enjoyable can enjoy college life more which makes classes more tolerable and worth the countless hours of work and sleepless
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