Essay On Becoming A Dental Hygienist

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The process of being a successful student here at Florence-Darlington Technical College is a simple two-step process that anyone can follow if they have the conviction to succeed. In this process, students will learn one vital word and master one essential trait. First, the student must drill this word into their vocabulary. They must learn to use this word more than the word “like” (people who say the word “like” all the time are actually annoying by the way). This word is no. No stands as the one word that students use all the time, except when they happen to be approached with a party invitation that may conclude with them getting super wasted one night and allergic to sunlight in the morning afterwards. Then, when they receive a text from their nerd buddy asking if they are ready for the test today, then they want to say the magic word (or scream it in terror). College students (especially freshmen)…show more content…
Students can only accomplish their goals if they focus on their goals. If a student’s goal is to become a Dental Hygienist, then they need to focus on their academics in the required subjects needed to complete the program course. If a student’s goal is to be accepted by a four-year university, then they need to focus on their academics to receive an impressive grade point average. If a student’s goal is to live in his or her mother’s basement, then they can party until they have liver failure. Students from time to time lose focus for the reason that either lack of conviction or confidence. What students need to understand that in order to be smarter in the mind, they are obliged to be stronger in the mind. Students with strong conviction, self-confidence and the knowledge of the phrase “everything has a time and place” can surely stay focused. Those who become distracted by what Hollywood has deemed “college life”, will learn the hard way of becoming a successful

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