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College is a place for a person to stretch out and experience “life”, but the main and ultimate goal; is to get a good education afforded to them. According to William J. Bennett, author of “Is College Worth It”, “The college campus is often a culturally permissive atmosphere of experimenting with drinking, drugs,partying,sex, and sometimes learning.”The time at college, student get to experience freedom that they never known. For most student, college is the first time they are away from home and responsibility. College outcome is completely depended upon the student, they determine how successful they will be at college. With that being said, should everyone be given the opportunity to go to college? Believe it or not, there's a lot of people who think college isn’t for everyone. According to Charles Murray, author of Real Education, “So few can do well in real colleges because real college-level material is hard” College isn’t handed to people, it’s earned. If a person earned their spot in college, why should they be denied the opportunity to further their education. Everyone should be able to go to college because it could open doors, provide resources and help the development of people.…show more content…
scores limit funding, meaning a lot of students are getting cheated of their education. A.c.t. stand for american college testing. This test is what determine which student are ready for college. The high schools give the practice a.c.t. to see where their students are academically. It’s not fair that the a.c.t scores are what determine how much funding a school receive because not everyone is good test taker. The board of education has told everyone that since they don’t test well, they don’t deserve a good education. The problem with the board of education limiting funding due to a.c.t. scores is high school doesn’t have enough money to get good books,teacher and programs to improve the scores.With college, people have all the resources they need to be

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