'Good And Bad Student In Mike Roses' By Mike Roses

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Everyone has a different meaning towards the idea of a good and bad students along with what it truly means to be successful. The overall of the majority of people think, is that to be both of those kinds of students is to have self-motivation, dedicated, having goals, and being successful on some kind of level. The level of those defines what is a good and bad student while the level of being “successful” defines not only that but so much more. Some other people think that organization of how a person studies, for example is that they work in clutter, has a big part in it. However, that may not be the case but how organize they are in their mind and focus. The fact doesn't change that self-motivation, dedication, having goals, and being…show more content…
In reality there is no such thing as a good and/or bad student, those terms only exist cause how we the people see the world today. We can view ourselves as either a good and/or bad student to help how we see ourselves as a sort of “worth”. The key thing is to keep mind sharp and focus, and make sure that the person making the choices think they are on the right path of life. In Mike Roses' essay he wrote: “Knowledge was becoming a hipster agent. Within a year or two, the persona of the disaffected hipster would prove too cynical, too alienated to last. But for a time it was new and exciting:it provided a critical perspective on society, and it allowed me to act as though I were living beyond the limiting boundaries of South Vermont.”(p 358) In this quote Mike Rose couldn't have said it any better in pointing out how just learning affects people as a whole. Mike Rose was pointing out that being able to learn, grow, then being able to apply it, (no matter how small the action), proves the points that have been made. Many people will argue that it all depends on

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