The Case Against College Linda Lee Analysis

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In America about two-thirds of high school graduates go on to college (Lee, 2011). Schools, family members, and friends always encourage students to go to college, so most students do. In the article “ The Case Against College” By Linda Lee she told about how her son attended college, but it was not the right path for him. Linda feels a person can be successful without a college degree, this is a true statement. Attending college can be a productive thing to do however it is not for everyone. A student that is going to attend a university should have ambition, adaptability, and maturity to be successful in college. College is difficult so if you have done poorly in high school college is not for you. If you are going to college you should want to get the best grade you possibly can in all of your classes. Doing this is going to take a lot of studying, pay attention in class, and possibly tutoring. A student has to have the ambition to obtain their degree to complete the rigorous classes offered at colleges. Yes going to college is hard, so students should ask themselves if they have the ambition to be successful in obtaining a degree. If a student feels they are incapable of doing the work, or to lazy to try college is the wrong choice.…show more content…
Whether you go to school close to home or far away you are going to be faced with some changes. Most colleges require you to stay on campus with a roommate. This can of course be challenging to a person that is use to having their own space. Aside from being forced to have a roommate you also have to get adjusted to a new place and new surroundings. Do this requires adaptability. If a student can not handle all of the changes that come with attending college they will not be

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