First Generation College Student

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First Generation College Student A first generation college student is a student whose parents did not receive a college degree and who is most probably the first to get a degree in his family. As a first generation college student the most important trait one needs to possess in order to succeed is the trait of extraversion. Extraversion is the related to the extent to which one is sociable instead of being an introvert. It is important for a first generation college student to be an extrovert once he steps into college (Martínez-Alemán,, p. 15). Since this is his first attempt in college and there is no one that could have guided him through this process, it is obviously difficult for such a student to take time to adjust and mingle around with new people that have come to receive a college degree along with him. It is very much possible that…show more content…
This is not just an academic achievement for me. It is more than that. It is the dream of my parents to help me get a college degree and be successful at what I want to do. The challenges that I have faced being a first generation college student often lead me towards giving up college and go back home. Studying at college as a first generation student has proven to me that I can achieve all that I want to with the support of those around me. This degree will give me a sense of pride and will help me achieve my dreams of being educated and settled after finding an appropriate job. This degree will help me achieve everything that one needs to live a successful and comfortable life. It will open many doors and avenues of unending opportunities and will help me become a responsible and successful person at the same time. The feeling of pride was not just mine, my family was equally proud of me being the first generation college
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