Problems With Student Debt

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In the United States the modern day student is hopelessly stuck in a blur of expectations, student debt, and occasionally non-academic personal issues. These problems can be applied to ill-equipped high school students because of poor faculty, the increasing number of college graduates with student debt, and the unrealistic expectations from parents, guardians and prospective employers. As a result of these challenges, many young scholars have a diminished chance of getting accepted into prestigious universities, internships and well paying jobs. Students of all academic grade levels in America are struggling through school due to these modern day obstacles and has thus initiated an era of a new teenage tragedy. As a consequence of these obstacles…show more content…
One main reason why student loans has reached such an unfathomable level is because college tuition has also ludicrously increased, “Since 1980, tuition costs have risen at U.S. colleges and Universities have risen 757 percent (Barr).” Student debt can be a huge issue for students who would be the first generation to go to college, their families would never have been exposed to the issue beforehand and could potentially take enormous loans without understanding the future problems. Another path could be that a student could jump right into a very expensive program and then graduate, but not have a job. These students are most likely going to be followed by their loans for the rest of their lives. This is significant because higher paying jobs require a college education and most times further schooling. With more schooling comes more borrowing, the debt becomes larger and larger, and thus puts increasing pressure on students to make enough money to pay off their…show more content…
Successful people have lived up to the expectations set by the people whom brought them up. In recent years, young adults have been pressured to do more and more in order to become a successful person. This is mainly because of “helicopter parenting,” meaning an over concerned parent hovers over their child in order to protect them from any kind of danger. A majority of these kinds of parents have academically successful children. The problem that many college undergrads are facing today is being away from their parents and beginning to cope with failure. Helicopter parenting removes any kind of obstacle in the way of the youth which leaves the youth unprepared against obstacles. William Alexander, director of Penn state’s counseling and psychological services has noted that, “A small setback used to mean disappointment, or having that feeling of needing to try harder next time,” he said. Now? “For some students, a mistake has incredible meaning.” (Selfo) The pressure that these students can feel is enormous and this pressure needs to be

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