Being In Captivity In Seaworld

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SeaWorld Danger “All whales in captivity have a bad life. They’re all emotionally destroyed. They’re all psychologically traumatized so they’re ticking time bombs.” says Neuroscientist, Lori Marino in the documentary Blackfish (Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Manuel Oteyza, 2013). Being in captivity stresses the whales, making them do things they normally wouldn’t do. There have been three people killed and more than 70 trainor's injured by a killer whale in Seaworld. If Seaworld doesn’t change it’s ways, it should be shut down. Ever since March 15, 1959, when Seaworld was founded, they have been cruel to the animals that they hold there. The orca is a perfect example of this. In the beginning, SeaWorld would pay sailors. To go capture the orcas in the wild. They would herd them until they…show more content…
After, they would throw nets over them so they couldn’t escape. Although they were just trying to get the young, they’d always end up with a couple dead females, that were trying to get their babies back, stuck in the net. Since SeaWorld didn’t want those larger whales, they told the sailors to cut them pen and stuff enough rocks in them so they’d sink to the bottom of the ocean. “I lost it, I just started crying. I didn’t stop working. It’s like kidnapping a little kid away from her mother. The worst thing I’ve ever done, is hunt that whale.” says John Crowe, a former whale hunter (Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Manuel Oteyza, 2013). It became illegal to kill or take the whales in Washington so, instead of stopping, SeaWorld moved to Iceland where they could still take and kill the whales and keep the main attraction. Soon everyone was mad

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