Argumentative Essay: Pro-Keeping Whales In Captivity

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Pro- Keeping Whales in Captivity The whole purpose of having a zoo is so that the animal can serve of an ambassador to the people. An emotional connection is made, and sympathy for these animals is engendered. The fondness and sympathy for the creature makes people want to protect them and their environment. They play a role in making people care about conservation in a way humans simply can’t. “We can’t forget the reason for having animals in captivity. They are ambassadors for the great good-and the greater picture,” says Shannon Reddy, the education specialist at Bloomington’s Miller Park Zoo. “Like with every animal, there are dangers that come with being around them,” Reedy says when asked about her views on the acclaimed documentary, Blackfish, which explores the dangers of keeping orcas in captivity.…show more content…
Showing family units and showcasing the animal’s feelings gives people even more reasons to save them. When it comes to conservation, keeping animals, whales or not, in captivity and knowing how to correctly provide for them is essential. The breeding of whales (shown right) produces more animals and gives a safety net for this species if/when they become endangered. If we already have animals prepared to rehab and release the species has a chance (Blackfish). Keeping whales in captivity also gives scientists a way to study killer whales closely (Blackfish). In captivity you can constantly monitor the interaction between the whales and the parenting of their calfs. Not only that, but in the wild it is nearly impossible to find a carcass of a whale that is fit for necropsy and dissection. It is also very good for the economy. Seaworld made 1.5 billion dollars last year (Seaworld), and provides jobs. Over 22,100 people are employed by seaworld, and even more by other aquariums across the country

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