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SeaWorld came under extreme controversy after the documentary “Blackfish” aired in the summer of 2013. The documentary offered an extremely calumniatory viewpoint of SeaWorld’s use of orcas. The repercussions of the documentary on SeaWorld were immense, with their stick plummeting more than 20% in August of 2013 and attendance numbers at the park dwindling. The documentary also propelled the introduction of a California bill the “Orca Welfare Safety Act” that would ban the use of Orcas for performance purposes and end captive breeding of the species in California (Animal Welfare Institute). However, more recently the backlash from “Blackfish” seems to have waned and SeaWorld appears to be making a comeback with their first-quarter earnings…show more content…
Thus, it becomes a matter of fact that Orcas do not belong in captivity as they are ill suited for it. The latest data published by the Orca Project Corp shows that orcas are more than three times as likely to die in captivity at any age than they are in the wild (Rose CNN). This incredibly high mortality rate is attributed to various factors. One is the general lack of shape captive Orcas are in as the largest Orca tank in the world is .0001% the size of the smallest home range of wild orcas (Rose CNN). An Orca at SeaWorld would have to swim the circumference of the main pool over 1,400 times to match the daily distance traveled by a wild Orca (WDC). The human equivalent to Tilikums pool, the largest captive Orca, is 9.5 x 5.7 x 2.1 meters (WDC). Orcas in captivity, particularly at SeaWorld, are also subjected to living in artificial pods that are incompatible because of differing cultures between the Orcas and bare meager resemblance to their natural order. It would be the human equivalent of plucking someone out of North Korea, someone out of Somalia, and someone out of America, and forcing them to live out their lives in a bathtub together. This causes immense stress, which can harm the Orcas immune system and leave them susceptible to infection (Rose

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